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Amir Thapa Magar

(Electronics Engineering - 2070 batch)

The best thing about the college is that most people are very friendly and it is easy to make friends. The classes I have taken here have been very fun and the teachers have been very helpful. The campus environment is beautiful and motivating with strong and committed network of faculty members and supportive staffs. Other than academics, there are a lot of opportunities, activities, and other things that you can join for your holistic development.

Vivek Sharma Poudel

(Electronics Engineering - 2069 Batch)

The people at Sagarmatha are excellent. From the students to the faculty, to all of the campus staff, you truly will meet some lifelong friends and build lasting relationships. The best thing is definitely the congenial and friendly academic environment. The teachers are brilliant and always willing to help, and the small class sizes foster a feeling of intimacy. The learning experience doesn’t end in the classroom, and in fact some of my best discussions have happened with friends and teachers outside the classroom. At Sagarmatha, you have a lot of opportunities to learn from people who are the best in their field.

Bibek Chalise

(Electronics Engineering - 2071 Batch)

Awesome atmosphere - fun, friendly social scene combined with strong academics. Sagarmatha puts utmost priority on global awareness, creative and critical thinking, market trends and state of the art facilities. Willingness of teachers and staffs to help us anytime anywhere is what I appreciate most about the college. Furthermore, the college has established the Training and Placement unit for helping students get equipped with the knowledge and skills required to compete in the global market and also to assist the graduates get professional career started. Thank You Sagarmatha Engineering College.

Lokesh Pal

(Civil Engineering - 2070 Batch)

Sagarmatha is a perfect place for people who are outgoing and ambitious. The college definitely seems to be a better place for extroverted people who are willing to put themselves out their comfort zone and show initiative and innovative thinking. Academics are important, but success in college is not just about test scores or a GPA. You will be expected to demonstrate passion, creativity, leadership, and critical thinking. Take time to develop passions. One day, you’ll realize that grades aren’t everything. Right now, it’s probably difficult not to define yourself by your achievements. Take time to do something you love and create an identity for yourself. And keep up the good work. These are some of the valuable life lessons I am getting to learn at Sagarmatha.

Santosh Basnet

(Civil Engineering - 2069 Batch)

Studying Engineering at Sagarmatha is great. The atmosphere is extremely supportive, the teachers are always engaging and the extra-curricular events have been some of the highlights of College. Sagarmatha puts a particular emphasis on thinking for yourself and discovering where your interests lie, which is such a refreshing change from the structured syllabus. Sagarmatha has also made me brave enough to explore subjects I might have been too scared to otherwise; before I started my degree I never thought that engineering studies could be so much fun and interesting but I so pleased that I did! Thank You Sagarmatha Engineering College for whatever has been done and provided for me to become a complete professional.