Prof. Tri Ratna Bajracharya

(Institute of Engineering Tribhuvan University)

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead a successful life. Our efforts for innovating curriculum, percolating research culture, supporting our innovative student teams and upgrading our infrastructure with a vision and commitment to move further on the pathways of excellence perhaps is what made Institute of Engineering (IoE), Tribhuvan University, to climb to be a top class institution in the region. It is highly satisfying that our Stake holders, the Industry, Government and the people in the community have acknowledged their recognition of the spirit of excellence of our institution as it is truly reflected in our endeavor to provide value based education. As an affiliated college, I have found Sagarmatha to have rationalized with the vision and guidelines of the IoE and is dedicated for quality engineering education eventually contributing to the national development process. The efforts and progress of Sagarmatha Engineering College are appreciating in producing capable, competitive and professional engineers. I wish success to Sagarmatha Engineering College in its endeavors in attaining excellence in engineering education.


Er. Sagar Gnawali

Welcome to Sagarmatha Engineering College, a college where you can imagine the possibility and we guide you to transform those imagination into reality. In my four years at Sagarmatha, I have witnessed our faculty engaged in the creative process of teaching/learning and demonstrating the collaborative skills required to deliver the course contents to aspiring engineers and establishing brand Sagarmatha in the field of engineering education. The leadership team, faculty members and staff deserve credit who believed and streamlined to mission, vision and goal of Sagarmatha Engineering College. We had tremendous Engineering achievements in last century. Unfortunately, the development of world through these achievements was without taking into consideration for the social, environmental and economic impacts. Future Engineers must not be unaware of the disturbances in nature due to the developmental activities and they must contribute to the building of a more sustainable, stable and equitable world. We have the policy of educating students not only the contents of the syllabus but also about the life skills that matter most in their future professional career. Engineering is different from other streams of education because your learning is deemed to be incomplete in Engineering if every theoretical aspect you learn is not reciprocated by experimental demonstration. Thus at Sagarmatha, you have uncompromised environment for translating your theoretical knowledge to practical and professional form at state-of-the art laboratory set up in which you can have access even at off campus hours and can have better understanding of subject matters. I would like to extend best wishes to all of you.


Er. Ramesh Shrestha

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progress and lead a successful life. We, therefore, at Sagarmatha Engineering College, would like to encourage all students to thrive for the best to make them knowledgeable in their relevant branches of engineering with high self-esteem and discipline. Education at our Institution is not only for academic brilliance but also for an ambience where our ancient cultural heritage and human skills are enhanced. While Sagarmatha has enjoyed growth and expansion over the years, it remains dedicated to its original mission: “To impart world class education and produce internationally competent Engineers with enterprising spirit” This college provides a lively environment for learning and discovery through latest teaching learning methods and I assure you that if you are here with us, you are going to be the next generation leader who can understand the complexities of technology and society, to meet the never diverse challenges of new century. One of the parameters for judging any academic institution is the research activities it is pursuing. From the day one of the establishment of this college we are committed to conducting research and development. At this point, I am proud to point out that we have different research cell in both the departments and research activities are being undertaken by the concerned faculties and students in the departments. We understand that the superiority of any academic institution lies on the performance of students. We highly believe our students and encourage them to take the advantage of all the supports available to them at Sagarmatha. Engineers, in addition to being technically and analytically sound, must complement their capabilities with understanding of “soft issues” that are non-technical. We try to enhance the soft skill of students so that they can be successful in all the spheres of life. We plan to provide extensive training to the students promote their soft skills so that they will be easily assimilated by job market. I feel privileged to state that many of our students have secured highest ranks in the final examination conducted by Institute of Engineering in the past and believe that new lot of students will continue the trait. Beside academics, students are also encouraged to take part in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and many of our students have brought achievements to the Institution. I feel happy and delighted to welcome our incoming students and my best wishes for their brilliant academic career at Sagarmatha.